About us

Operational program: Education for Competitiveness

Project name: Building the Partnership and the Development of Co-operation in Architecture Outside the Traditional Centres

Shortened project name: Architecture Outside the Traditional Centres

Duration of the project: 24 months

Starting date: 1st April 2012

Closing date: 31st March 2014

Annotation of the project:

The aim of the project is to build and strengthen the partnership between particular subjects that actively take part in creating architecture outside the traditional centres. The emphasis is on the active co-operation of the partners, practical co-operation, and activities abroad.

The project includes professional field trips abroad, workshops and seminars hosting foreign and domestic specialists. There are scholarships, summer schools and on-the-job experience organized for students. A common communication platform, serving for knowledge and experience exchange, has been established as an integral part of the project. An equally important part of the project is creating and developing relationships with domestic and especially foreign partners.

The object of our interest is the architecture of the past twenty years. We are interested in buildings and other architectural works that arose outside urban centres, preferably in small or middle-sized villages and towns and in open landscape.

The project target group consists of students of architecture, academics working for the applicants and other professionals dealing with education and research in architecture. The most important benefit for these target groups is broadening their knowledge in the architecture built outside the traditional centres, which is often neglected without reason although it influences all people in their everyday life.

There are five subjects cooperating on the project. The main partner is the Technical University of Liberec, the Faculty of Architecture. The other partners are: ARCHITECTURA association, Knesl+Kynčl s.r.o. company, Kamil Mrva Architects, s.r.o. company, and Sdružení pro Právní a Ekonomické Vzdělávání (Association for Education in Law and Economics).

The project has five key activities:

Key activity 1: Seminars and scholarships abroad

This activity includes 16 short-term excursions abroad, 4 long-term scholarships and 12 visits of congresses, conferences and expert meetings abroad.

The expected output includes 16 reports of the trips, 4 review collections of the scholarships, and 12 reference reports of the conferences, congresses and expert meetings.

Key activity 2: Domestic workshops and seminars with experts from abroad

This activity includes 46 workshops, seminars, exhibitions, studios and expert exhibitions and a concluding conference.

The output is 46 case studies and 2 comprehensive publications.

Key activity 3: Creation and development of an interactive communication platform

An interactive website and a mediatheque were created to contain a structured collection of photographic documentation, video documentation and audio recordings that will document selected activities of the project.

Key activity 4: Domestic and international practice and scholarships, domestic student trips

The output of this activity is 40 works made by the students, their projects, essays or case studies and a catalogue of regional student projects.

Key activity 5: Summer school of architecture

The 14th Summer School of Architecture took place in 2012; the next school is going to take place in 2013 with the minimum of 20 students and 10 experts. The output of every Summer School is a complex architectural project.